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"I had to go here for physical therapy for a meniscus surgery! My therapist is as Vertika! She was really amazing! She took her time and really explained every treatment she was doing and how it was going to help with the healing process. She did some amazing stretches for my knee and my doctor was really impressed on how much I could do with my meniscus after only 4 months! I told him how my therapist was giving me homework to do when I am at home and for when I was able to return to work! When you go in make sure you tell Vertika that Cathy sent you and tell her hello for me!" - Cathy I.

"Excellent physical therapy office in the heart of queens. Patient care is superb....front desk personnel are very polite and professional. The name of the practice fits them perfectly Stellar service!!!!" _ R.C.

"I loved this place! I went there to treat some chronic back pain and I saw results after the second visit! The therapists that I worked with were very knowledgeable and friendly. The receptionists were accommodating and flexible." - Robert S. 

"Very friendly and approachable employees. Front desk- accommodating and always ready to listen. Physical Therapists- very patient-centered, caring, approachable, friendly but still professional. They always make sure that their patients get the best therapy. I absolutely recommend this facility." - Hermilyn B.

"I've had knee problems for over a year but kept putting off PT. Stellar was recommended to me by my brother-in-law and boy was he right! I've been going for about 2 months now and I have to say I'm glad I finally did it. Vertika is an amazing PT! Even though she makes me work hard, it is all worth it at the end. My muscles are all relaxed and I feel no pain or discomfort.  The office vibe is very comforting. I don't ever feel rushed even though there are other patients. The staff is very nice and helpful as well. I would definitely recommend Stellar to my friends!" - Debbie M.

"Vertika and Kim are caring and hard working. Always ready to help you and teach you. Would definitely recommend" - Grace O.

"I have received several PT services over the years. Since I have been receiving services by Vertika in the Plainview office I feel and see results. Her expertise, knowledge, compassion and vibrant positive attitude have inspired me and motivated me to help myself. Kim, Evelyn and Kenny are all team players. The group works well together and I know I have positive results. Thank you!" - Joy S.

"I can’t praise Stellar enough. After my stroke I looked for a PT and OT facility. My son found Stellar. I will be forever grateful he did. The staff is amazing. So knowledgeable and compassionate. I go three times a week. To tell you the truth, I would go everyday. Thank you Vertika, Kim, and Andrew for helping me heal. You are the best! Love you all!" - Evelyn K.

"Physical therapist are amazing.  I came in here with a back sprain under workers comp.  The therapist stretched me out and massage the area that was bothering me.  Feel better every time I leave.  The staff is very helpful and courteous." - Tony N.

"My PCP refereed me to Stellar for really bad back and neck pain. The entire staff is professional and friendly. I felt so much better after two sessions.  I see Steve and he is very informative and helpful. My wait time is minimal and they are very flexible. It is great they have late appointments." - Melanie R.

"Came here for tennis elbow. The staff was very attentive and professional. The PT was very knowledgeable. Didn't just read my prescription and did the typical treatment. She asked me lots of questions before treating me. I was also treated by a massage therapist and an acupuncturist, all covered by my insurance! This is in my old neighborhood. During my visits I've seen patients from elderlies to athletes, speaking different languages. This place is popular among locals I can tell. Highly recommended!" - Chag Chag L.

"Amazing! I came for PT after enduring endless pain for weeks. In 1 session with Steve it has diminished to almost nothing. The office is clean, professional and the staff very accommodating. They offer a wide range of treatments, open 6 days a week and will work with you. Anyone who has ever experienced perpetual muscle/nerve pain knows how it disables your daily existence. Stellar gives immediate relief. I am coming back for regular treatments, this practice is a lifesaver." - Corinne P.

"I have been to Stellar for acupuncture and massage therapy. The staff is very friendly and extremely professional, the place is clean and the environment is peaceful and relaxing. They accept a good range of insurances which made it easier and hassle-free for me as well as my insurance is not accepted everywhere. Highly recommended!" - Val L.

"Sprained my ankle while bowling, the therapist Steve was very helpful and experienced. Also had acupuncture while at it and relieved quite a bit of pain. Nice staff and comfortable environment. Going back for more treatments twice a week for few more weeks." - Anthony F.

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